4-Dimensional Ultrasounds

What It Is

4D Ultrasound imaging is very similar to standard ultrasound imaging, but is designed to cater specifically to expecting parents. We project the heartwarming images of the unborn child up onto an enlarged 42 inch plasma television, which is a nice change-of-pace from squinting into the standard ultrasound monitor looking for facial features. Additionally, our experienced sonographers will walk you through everything you’re seeing, and you’ll be provided with video, as well as printed & digital photos of your child to cherish for years to come.

What To Expect

The process itself isn’t much different compared to a standard ultrasound. You’ll be asked to lie on the exam table, and clear jelly will be applied to the stomach area. Results are viewed in real time, and the content of the images is dependent on how far along the pregnancy is.
16-20 Weeks: the whole body is viewable, and kicks, turns, and gender (upon request) are observable.
20-34 Weeks: The baby is too large for one screen, but key sections will be observable in great detail.
34+ Weeks: 4D images are limited due to the increase in amniotic fluid, but 2D visualization is still obtainable.